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Our Story

Fierce Foundation was born after witnessing the way Karen faced her devastating diagnosis. While small in stature, her spirit inspired us to always be grateful, have hope, and when things seem impossible, to fight.

Our Mission

Supporting patients and families facing a rare cancer diagnosis

  • Provide support, education and services aimed at improving the quality of life for patients and easing the strain on caregivers

  • Support patients and caregivers with navigating the complicated healthcare system​

  • Raise awareness and funding for research to treat rare cancers, like Glioblastoma

  • Impact legislation related to grief counseling and support services for children suffering from the loss of a loved one or caregiver

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When Karen was first diagnosed, Shakespeare’s words, “Though she be but little, she is fierce” almost immediately became our mantra. It fit the barely five-foot-two woman with the huge heart and spirit perfectly. Karen fought bravely and loved those around her fiercely; finding laughter and gratitude each and every day. We chose our name to reflect her spirit.

The rhinoceros means a variety of things to different cultures. To some, it is a symbol of protection. In other cultures the rhino means gratitude, longevity, strength and resilience. The rhino is also believed to evoke a broader sense of perspective. 

Following her surgeries, Karen struggled with minor speech and memory issue.  The word “rhino” was elusive, but she never gave up trying to recall the name of the mighty animal. For her, and now for us, the rhino is a reminder of resilience and finding laughter in even the most difficult times.

Our Story
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